Oklahoma City University
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Oklahoma City University
2501 North Blackwelder
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Control: Private

OCU’s teacher preparation programs focus on the student as an individual, a teacher and a leader; they are based upon student centered learning activities which include theory, application and integration, and require the preservice teacher to activate, model and evaluate the skills and abilities necessary to become a reflective, responsive teacher.

President: Dr. Tom McDaniel

Chief Academic Officer: Dr. Bernie Patterson

Unit: Department of Education

Dean or Director: Dr. Lois Lawler Brown, Dept. Chair

Telephone: 405-208-5374
Fax: 405-208-6012
E-Mail: llBrown@okcu.edu

OACTE Representative: Dr. Lois Lawler Brown
Alternate OACTE Representative: Elizabeth Willner

Accreditation Status and Programs Offered

Conceptual Framework: "To develop professionals who will be leaders in their fields and can facilitate change in both individuals and institutions."


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