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Mid-American Christian University
3500 SW 119th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

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Mid-America Bible College's Teacher Education Program strives to develop life-long learning professional educators who will be committed to excellence and to reach the world through an education of wisdom, history, and current research.  The program provides experiences and course work which enables students to develop a heart for all people, to experience freedom, justice and a better life.  The program's instruction is centered around a commitment to excellence while following the Master Teacher's example.

President: Dr. John D. Fozard

Chief Academic Officer: Dr. Ron Roddy

Unit: School of Teacher Education

Dean or Director: Dr. Esther Rehbein

Telephone: 405-693-3148
Fax: 405-692-3253
E-Mail: erehbein@macu.edu

OACTE Representative: Dr. Esther Rehbein
Alternate OACTE Representative: Julia Carpenter

Accreditation Status and Programs Offered

Conceptual Framework: The GLOBAL VISION concept of the department attempts to guide life-long learners to observe and obtain balance in life through application of pedagogy and leadership skills: values, instructional strategies, scholarship, inclusion, objectivity, and needs assessment.


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