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Bacone College
2299 Old Bacone Road
Muskogee, OK 72550

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Bacone College was founded in 1880 by Almon C. Bacone to train "Teachers and Preachers."  It is the oldest continuously operating college in Oklahoma.  Bacone started as a four-year institution called Indian University; later went to a two-year associated degree granting institution; and is again a four-year institution.  Its foundational heritage is linked to the American Baptist Association and, while it is now an independent college, it is policy that 1/3 of its Board of Trustees are representatives from the American Baptist Association.

Bacone College and thus the School of Education, has a highly diverse student body with approximately 45% American Indian 25% African American 5% Hispanic, and 35% Caucasian and other.

President: Rev. Robert J. Duncan Jr., D. Min

Chief Academic Officer: Robert K. Brown, Ph.D.

Unit: Bacone School of Education

Dean or Director: Dr. Jeffrey Dupree, Chair of the Division of Education  

Telephone: 918-781-7291    
Fax: 918-781-7376  
E-Mail: jdupreej@bacone.ed

OACTE Representative: Dr. Jefferey Dupree
Alternate OACTE Representative:

Accreditation Status and Programs Offered

Conceptual Framework: Bacone School of Education's conceptual framework is centered around the theme: "Teachers Make the Difference." The four components of that theme are scholarship, professionalism, diversity, and community.


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