Assessment and Accountability

Data Stewardship

The Oklahoma Teacher Preparation Data Governance Council was established to ensure that data collected through OSDE and OEQA on Educator Preparation Programs is used primarily for continuous improvement of EPPs in the state of Oklahoma, through responsible stewardship that emphasizes ease of use for the EPPs while ensuring strong privacy controls to prevent misuse of data.

Information for Data Stewards


2017 AACTE Chapter Grant

In Oklahoma there are no state-level data that adequately address CAEP component 4.1.  This leaves EPPs to work individually with P-12 partners to: identify and share teacher performance data collected at the district or school level, OR design and conduct case studies of teacher impact on P-12 learning. The quality of these efforts would be enhanced, and the toll on individual EPPs reduced, if OACTE facilitated statewide sharing of approaches and techniques.

The grant funds will be used to support a series of regional conversations between EPPs and key P-12 partners. The goals of these regional meetings will be to:

  • Assure that all parties understand the requirements of CAEP Standard 4;
  • Identify data that are available or could be produced to fulfill the expectations of CAEP Standard 4;
  • Support districts and EPPs in establishing policies and procedures for secure and confidential data sharing where data are available; and
  • Provide guidance to districts and EPPs for designing and conducting case studies or action research projects when needed.
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